Shamanic trippin’

Shamanic trippin’

it’s not for the weak
or those who hesitate
or those who fear the unknown

definitely not.

So if you’re thinking about it now
think of something else…

whatever comes to your mind next.
Think about that!

On cinflict

Describing conflict

Read the rules
See that the situation is new, rules dont apply
Do your thing
Get complaints
Take feedback
Develop action
New rules emerge
Start agaib

Timeline of a trialogue (dialogue of three)

Memories as mental pictures
Seeking to close
Effort to open
More memories
Linking them to present day
Third person brings common knowledge building POV to the situation
Seeking to close – effort to open (x2, x3)
After a while
Stable trialogue flow
Speaking honestly
Having trust and respect
Pay attention to time
And what to do after trialogue
Hints on what happens next
(Promises, reflecting on the process)

Why Café of Beat

I personally noticed the challenges of social integration of late modernity in  May 2012 when I graduated from Lahti University of Applied Sciences. I had (consciously or unconsciously) stsrted to distance myself from the school community, as the model was to go through that process in time of graduation and integrate into another social reality: the working life.

It was the day of graduation that I established a Facebook group to keep myself integrated into something and not fall off the social radar. CoB was in this sense a tool to hold and maintain community feeling in a more and more fragmented society/social reality. ( Also, we had developed this cafe business concept in a group in late 2011 and this was kind of continuing that work.)

Why did I choose the name Café of Beat? First of all, the café is a metaphor for a place where people come and stay for how long as they like and express (or don’t express) themselved as they wish. This can be compared to Zygmunt Bauman’s work on communities of late modernity (see Fluid Modernity, fo example). At the same time, CoB was a community of “Whatever”, and in time, it became The fulfilling community of “Whatever” for the members.

Then, Beat refers at one time to music and secondly, to the works of the Beat generation (Kerouac’s On the Road being the main example here). “Of Beat” is of course a reference to the English word offbeat, which means something a bit off or quirky.

I am writing this now because I feel that now, as I am writing this on my tablet in creativity-themed Youth Exchange in Lithuania and a fter two CoB years of learning, failing, experimenting and succeeding, The Café of Beat is ready for prime time. Good ground work has been done to ensure that the community growth does not destabilize the community. Being coordinated on a virtual level (the group is in Facebook and thus makes use of Facebook’s data infrastructure) community growth is actually not an issue, since it is personal relations that make people either join or decline event invites.

Well yeah, I guess that’s what I had to say. Feel free to comment!